About Us

Begendi Boru INC.

With continuous fiber winding technology, produced with a 4-6 axis fully automatic CNC controlled and state of the art machines.

Why GRP ?

Begendi Boru INC. combines Marin technology wIth its own patent and produces B-GRP Rigit, pure POLYESTER and VINYLESTER resin. Therefore, wıth B-GRP prescrıptıon; The product obtaıned ıs guaranteed for 50 years.

Usage Areas

Underground and aboveground pipelines
Irrigation and main transmission network lines
Industrial wastewater transmission piping
Chemical plant piping lines
Submarine piping in its lines
In submarine water intake, discharge and diffuser lines
Drinking and clean water transmission lines
Rain water and drainage lines
On sewer lines
Power plants in circulation lines
Hydroelectric power plant transmission and penstock pipelines
Jacking pipe and relining piping


Long Lived

It is produced in appropriate standards to serve 50 years.
There is no operation and maintenance expense.
Positive fluid inner surface
For positive fluid internal surface losses.
Friction loss is minimal.
Begendi B-GRP has patented connection / sleeve optional.
Begendi B-GRP patented connection / sleeve system has a structural structure and rigid system and provides a sealing without hesitation.
NO Gasket.


It weighs approximately 1/4 of the steel pipe, about 1/5 of the ductile pipe, and about 1/10 of the concrete pipe.


Fast and necessary.
No special equipment is required for transport and installation. Its lightness allows mounting of bile in long lengths.
Resistance to corrosion and chemicals:
It is not corroded because it is not produced from metallic material.
It is designed to serve in a wide pH range as standard.
It is insulating.
Die is Electric.
It does not require cathodic protection.
There is no need for internal and external coating.
You can design it to absorb ram absorption capacity.


Begendi Boru INC. The products produced by B-GRP patent are not harmful to the environment and suitable for recycling.